Saturday, 3 March 2012

Being too aggressive

Here is 20 acres piece of land that was covered with alder.  The soil was of very good quality and the sector was in a zone regularly used by the bucks of the area to avoid the hunting pressure.  In it’s center was a small opening where we decided to lay out a food plot.  There was also two conifers that were well situated to install treestands in anticipation of the bow and crossbow hunting season.  Our error was to invade the area too aggressively and the deers rapidly became nocturnal and never used all of the area again during the day.  We had invaded their security zone and the deers relocated in an adjacent sector where we could not hunt.  The moral of this story is that a bedding or a shelter area is fragile and it must be hunted with great precautions.  Have a good day.  Louis