Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hi to all, here is the answer to yesterday’s riddle or rather a suggestion since in this domain, there are no precise answers.  If I could hunt the majority of the territory exposed on the aerial photo, I would make sure to have my three tree-stands installed early in the fall.  The A-appat(bait)-B system should be enough to harvest or at least to see all the deers that will come to the bait during daylight.  Obviously, if you cheat the wind, even an easy to control approach as seen on this picture will turn the deers nocturnal in a very short time.  If the top of the photo is south, you will hunt in stand A on those south windy days and in stand B on the north windy days.  I added stand C because it is a good practice to frequently change tree-stands so that the area, especially on a baited site, does not become loaded with your scent.  However, I did not setup C blindly, since there is a transition zone and it is the first crest, two elements that mature whitetails are fond of. Have a good day. Louis

Can you see the frog in the gannet’s eye?