Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Turnips, too many turnips

Here are two examples of brassica produced by the compaby Biologic.  For 3 years, we used this company’s blend and every year, I was frustated to see so many turnips (bulb) of two kinds of brassica.  They were growing but the turnips were not beneficial to the deers.  The major problem for the deers who wanted to feed on the brassica in December after the soil was frozen was that they were unable to pull up the vegetables from the soil and everything would rot without ever being used.  Five years ago, when the Whitail Institute company announced his own blend of brassica without bulb, like others, I was skeptical about the success of this selection.  If we consider that we now have an assortment of fruits without seeds on the market, why couldn’t they do it!  Well, they have done it and ever since their blend introduction five years ago, the Whitetail Institute brassica grows 90% soilless all in stems and foliage.  Rarely will you find a bulb and if it is the case, it will be the size of a tangerine.

How about a riddle to finish.  Here is your fall hunting territory.  You have three tree-stands at your disposition.  Where would you investigate first to setup your tree-stands?  The answer tomorrow. Louis