Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How much does he score?

When a western buck presents itself, up close or far, I try to see if it’s body is normal or if it seems rather big.  There are very large bodied deer physically talking in the west and there are ordinary one’s in the same habitats.  In the case of this video, the body seems ordinary.  The distance between the tip of a western deer’s nose and the middle of his eye is approximately 9 inches.  Thanks to this reference, I can assume that his G2’s (the longest points) are 11 inches and that the G3’s (the second longest points) are 9 inches.  The G4’s are between 4 and 5 inches and the brow tines (the one’s in the middle) are around 4 inches.  If I add everything up, I’m at around 60 inches.  Inside spread of 17 inches.  Not much mass on his antlers, which give him a circumference average of 4 inches for the 4 measures on each antler for a total of 32 inches.  The main beams are fairly long but misleading because of the lack of mass, so I would think 22-23 inches per main beam.  The sum of 60+32+17+22+23 gives me a buck which scores 155-160 B&C.  This is an estimation that sometimes can be misleading if you don’t have the time and you are nervous… a bit.  Anyway, with this kind of buck, more often than not… you shoot.  Have a good day. Louis

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