Sunday, 4 March 2012

A welcome gift

This short video sequence was taken in October 2009 in Saskatchewan on the first night after we found a camping site and emptied the trailer of our camping gear.  The camera was installed on a small scrape found in a patch of wood (200’X200’) where we had chosen to install our camping gear.  The next day, to our big surprise, we had an interesting visit during the night.  The first buck had the antler dimensions sought by some of my hunters, which seemed promising.  Since the scrape was only at 35 yards from our tents, we knew that this scrape would be deserted in favor of other scrapes in the area.  We never saw that deer again in the area during the 35 day period that we spent hunting or on game cameras installed on other scrapes.  He disappeared as soon as he appeared.  Conclusion : He probably did not like our camping site.  Have a good day.  Louis