Saturday, 17 March 2012

Doesn’t look to be

Pictures don’t always tell everything.  This buck doesn’t look to be what he really is.  On my second guiding year in Alberta, I finished a week rapidly and while I was installing a tree-stand in a new area, I came face to face with this buck who was right behind a female.  In my binoculars, he looked to have massive antlers with many but short points.  When he finally stopped, I could count 15 points, making it a 8 X 7.  At supper, I talked to my boss about this buck and he offered the tree-stand to a hunter who wished to harvest a 14 points typical buck.  The next day, as soon as the hunter was in his stand, he heard noises on his right.  A female came along with this buck following right behind.  Bang, and the buck fell in the « Cutline » and the hunter failed on his quest for a 14 points, this deer having 15.  This buck finally scored 159 BC gross.  Which is not what this picture actually represents.  Moral of this story : ‘a picture is not always worth 1000 words’.  Have a good day.  Louis