Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Back in the past

This is back in 1992 on the south-east shore of Anticosti Island at less than 2 km from the Chicotte river mouth.  The year before, a blue whale known as Pita, the first blue whale to be formelly identified as a whale coming back year after year in the St-Lawrence river to feed in these rich waters, stranded itself on the beach.  She was part of a blue whale group which were individually identified because of their unique tail pigmentation that could be observed during their dives.  The blue whales and the humpback whales are the only two cetaceans to raise their tails out of the water as they dive.  We came back on the scene to see the skeleton state and with the hopes of bringing back a giant vertebra in souvenir since the skull was way to big to bring back on my back… Have a good day. Louis