Monday, 2 April 2012

The gannet

Hi to all, many persons wrongly believe that the gannets live exclusively at Bonaventure.  Yet, a gannet colony installed themselves at the Falaise aux Goélands, on the north east side of Anticosti island.  They were around 50 couples which had installed themselves right in the middle of a large colony of Black-legged kittiwakes (10000 of them).  Even if the cliffs were not of easy access as compared to Bonaventure, the early morning sun of the east would allow many beautiful photographic situations.  On occasions, whales and seals would come close to the cliffs, eagles and falcons would try to catch kittiwakes and even the foxes would venture on the cliffs for the same reason.  One day in this mythical spot and you were almost assured to be back with one or two pictures worthy of being in magazines.  This picture got me my first canadian contest title in the Canadian Geographic magazine.  Have a nice day. Louis