Friday, 20 April 2012

Big game channel

During our flight last weekend, I had the chance to photograph the brassica field where I had filmed moose eating that plant.  Obviously, the brassica has been almost entirely eaten and what’s left has become yellow.  Oddly, it is already growing again but that is another story… However, I did magnify the original picture so that you had the chance to see the beaver dam which is used as a natural channel since many years by the deer and moose of the surrounding area.  This dam of a few hundred yards long is an impressive passage where almost all of the big games of the area travel to get to the food plot.  I’ve also included a game camera pictures that were taken by my Spypoint in December on the side of the old beaver hut.  Almost 300 pictures were taken per week and the vast majority was when the animals were going to the field.  Which just shows that they used another route to get back to their bedding area.   
Have a good day.  Louis