Saturday, 28 April 2012

Major project

Here is a photographic sequence of a major food plot project that we are finishing this year.  This all began when the beavers flooded a 15 acres cedar grove, killing the trees.  We caught the beavers and digged a drainage ditch in the entire cedar grove, in the flooded area as well as in the dried area.  During the winter, the wood was cut and part of the residues were burned.
Next summer, the excavator came for the first time to dig a ditch on the surroundings, remove the tree stumps and make windrows.
It dried and drained for one year and we made seed tests in the small opening on the left of the future field. 
The excavator came back again to bury the windrows.

For the last two weeks, a young man has been collecting the final residues with an ATV so that we may sow in three weeks a mixture of Whitetail Imperial clover and soya.  I will let you know the progress during the summer.   
Have a good day. Louis