Thursday, 19 April 2012

Beware of wolves!

For some times now, wolves and coyotes have been a subject of discussion like never before.  The reason being that hunters are starting to realize the extraordinary effectiveness of these predators to control and even reduces deer populations.  The wolves are especially effective in big forest since they work in teams and may communicate their position without a great deal of effort.  Three years ago, during my trip to BC for ‘Hunt of a lifetime’, we had the chance to see a wolf that the winner of our contest harvested.  This wolf was very skinny for the time period.  While skinning it, we discovered a broken canine tooth of another wolf sitting on the left side of the eye-socket.  These things happen even though they tolerate each other, but there are many frictions in a wolf pack to maintain the hierarchy, this being necessary for the well being of the pack and for their survival.  It takes one or two boss, the Alpha couple and the subordinates…  This last picture was taken by my spouse on a visit to a wolf research center in Nova Scotia.  I will be back with more details on this research center later.   
Have a good day.  Louis.