Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The colored one

Three coloration phases exist for the red fox.  The traditional red, the silver fox and the cross fox.  At Anticosti, where the fox is plentiful, you have the chance to regularly meet the three color phases.  However, since we have a moist climate because of the sea air, the Anticosti foxes have a tendency to develop a wooly coat texture.  The undercoat which is less colorful becomes thick and produces heavier furs that are less silky and colorful.  For a fox to have a brightly colored fur like the one’s on the continent, he needs to have a thick guard hair and not a dense undercoat.  On this picture taken by my spouse, this fox is of an exceptional color for Anticosti and this uncommon phenomena for the island was caused by the particularly cold and dry temperatures of October the year that this picture was taken.  That same year, the furs reached quality standards never again equalled since that year.  The hunting was also good.  
 Good day.  Louis