Friday, 24 February 2012

Brassica (Winter-Greens)

We started last year an intensive alteration program on a very large piece of land in the Eastern Ontario region.  Many challenges would have to be faced.  One of them was to offer supplementary food for the deers that would use the cedar grove for their winter quarters.  We had almost 9 acres available to make one large field of brassica food plot that we wished to be at it’s maximum height in December and January.  I was, however, very disappointed of the results obtained from the Biologic brassica because it produced turnips in too many numbers and also too big.  We therefore decided to sow the Whitetail Institute blend (Winter-Greens) intended for winter weather and made up of different types of brassica plants which, according to the company, were selected to produce not many turnips but rather large quantities of forage.  Already in July, despite the availability of other food plots sowed with clover in the vicinity,  we were surprised to see that some deers were already getting a taste for our food plot.  At the end of November, the field was literally a mountain of food awaiting the arrival of the migratory deers.  Have a good day. Louis