Friday, 10 February 2012

Lost antlers

Two days ago, I had the chance to go for a walk in a 400 acres cedar grove, which is part of a sanctuary of more than 3000 acres where hunting is not allowed.  Obviously, the male-female ratio is impressive and our expectations were high.  We did find antlers but not as much as we expected.  What mostly surprised us was the length of time for those antlers to fall.  We found as many antlers covered by snow than on the snow itself, meaning that some bucks had recently lost their antlers as compared to others who lost them many weeks ago.  Often, the antlers start to fall during the same period, or almost, and within a short period of time, this phenomena is over but not this year.  Next week, I will be back with a more elaborated blog on this matter concerning another observation of the day.  
 Bye Louis