Monday, 6 February 2012

Warm weather

The warm weather of these last days activates the surrounding wildlife.  Yesterday, along a brook that is normally frozen at this time of the year, I came upon a beaver.
The beavers are the first, generally speaking, to look for these open areas in the ice to have a chance to get out to the open air and especially to have a bite at  a fresh snack.  Their food sources, made up of leafy essences like the aspen and birch, are under water since 4 or 5 months already and most of the tree limbs are starting to be covered with silt.  This natural phenomena makes the bark less attractive.  This escapade on the snow may rapidly turn out to be a tragedy in regions infested with predators.  A wolf, a coyote, a lynx or even a otter may overcome a small size beaver.
See you tomorrow.  Louis