Monday, 27 February 2012

Wolf tooth

Hi to all, I’m back from the Sportsman Show held in Montreal this past weekend.  It was pleasant to meet and to talk to many of you.  For some reasons, many had questions about wolves.  Here is a picture of a  wolf skull that we killed while in British Columbia in 2009.  The broken canine tooth sitting on the left side of the eye-socket has an interesting story.  In fact, this tooth was removed from the skull and it belonged to another wolf since our wolf had his four canine teeth well in place.  Among the many fights that occurs in a wolf pack, either to establish their hierarchy or to have access to meat, some fights or attacks get out of hand and wolves can get hurt seriously.  This wolf was very skinny for the time period and with the abundance of prey still available in the area.  It is quite possible that his hierarchy rank was very low in the wolf pack and that most of the time, he only had access to the leftovers. Living in society is not always to your advantage… Have a good day! Louis