Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A few missing dentures

Good morning to all.  I’m back from one of the strip of land in Ontario where I do the management.  I was with the local trapper that we hired to control the predators around the area determined as the deer yard.  He has set up two baiting sites with rotten meat.  Many dozens snares were installed around the baiting sites from a few yards from the baits to a few hundred yards away.  The goal was to have as many snares as possible in the most favorable entry points for the coyotes and in the tight areas which are used to approach the baits.

In the area that preoccupies me most, 2 coyotes were caught yesterday for a total of 5 in the last week.  We should be able to capture as many in the next two weeks if we receive a few centimeters of fresh snow.  4 out of the 5 coyotes are females, which is going to be beneficial to the local deer population.  More news to come.  See you tomorrow.  Louis