Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wolf, where are you?

While on the subject of wolves.  For the past few years, hunters that haven’t been to Saskatchewan or Alberta have heard or read about the presence of wolves in the boreal forest of these two provinces.  Here is a typical example of the presence of a wolf pack.  This was taken two years ago, on one of the back roads that we used to get to our hunting spots.  We estimated by the number of tracks seen and the howling heard that we were camped right in the middle of two wolk packs, composed of 6 to 8 wolves per pack.  That’s more than 10 dogs at 100 to 125 pounds… they eat many deers during the year, not only during the winter period.  The province of Saskatchewan wishes to change the law and it is possible that in the near future, their might be a hunting season for predators like wolf.  Have a good day.  Louis