Monday, 20 February 2012

Deers at the buffet

Today, I will verify some coyote snares set up on some strip of lands in Ontario where we have hired a local trapper.  I’m not certified to trap in that province and we want to seriously control the predators during the next few years.  I will be back later with our results… Today’s picture has something special.  Notice how many deers are on this picture taken in a Saskatchewan mature forest of conifers and aspens (or poplars).  We had this particular phenomena two years ago.  Almost all of the aspens (or poplars) still had their green leaves filled with humidity at the end of October.  Usually, aspen (or poplar) leaves fall in the first half of October and they are yellow.  This phenomena was caused, as the wise old men of the town explained, by a humid summer followed by a warm and rainy fall.  There were some many deers in these undergrowth when the leaves started to fall that the Spypoint game cameras would rapidly filled up with pictures in less than 48 hours.  Many does, fawns and young bucks… The dreamed bucks did not seemed interested by this nourishing food supplement.  Have a good day.  Louis