Thursday, 23 February 2012

Steel blue

Good morning.  Here is the first picture that my spouse succeeded in doing and that she was really proud of.  We were on our third summer of full-time efforts to improve our understanding of the subtility of becoming a photographer and we had plans for a one week trip at the famous Lac Paul in the Gaspésie National Park.  This particular evening, we were in a flat-bottom rowboat and we would interchange places in the boat to be the photographer : for one roll of film it would be Jose and then for the next roll I would be being the camera.  When the wind finally dropped, the water became steel blue and the one falling from the antlers of the moose almost silver.  To take a good picture, it’s not only a matter of squeezing the ON button.  You need to play with the image composition and to get the perfect light to create the right atmosphere. This picture has earned her numerous prizes in photo contest at the provincial and national level.  She even got her first international prize in Europe.  This day will be remembered forever in our memories.  Louis.