Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winged souvenir

Yesterday, an adult bald eagle flew over the small lake in front of the house.  I had dropped on the ice surface of the lake some beaver carcasses caught the day before.  Every time that I observe this majestic bird of prey, it brings me back 20 years ago when we were living on Anticosti island.  This island provides a shelter to an interesting population of bald eagle and one spring in particular, we decided to invest many hours trying to photograph the birds at a nest. 
I was the first to have the chance, as we might say, to take place in our small 4’ X4’ blind during 14 long hours in hope of taking some uncommon scenes.  In mid-March, at minus 20˚ C, the break of dawn was soothing and when I realized that the bird couple were huddled together in their nest, the excitement got me all warmed up.  Here is one of the pictures that was taken at that moment.
Have a good day, Louis.